Social Community Websites

Facebook - come find me, friend me, chat with me!

MySpace - a ton of tunes, lots of friends, come check it out!

ReverbNation - a site for anyone interested in the music scene as well as musicians to display their talents and
connect with musical community!

Indie Music Channel - a site for independent musicians who haven't yet found a major label or studio, or who have
just preferred to remain on their own - some great stuff out there, come check it out!

Renaissance Festival Forums - a website for the Renaissance Festival Community

Medieval Mayhem - put up by a long time and dedicated fan of the Great Lakes Medieval Faire

YouTube - the home for video on the web, find all of Captain Stout's videos here!

Renaissance Festivals

Tennessee Renaissance Festival - in the heart of Tennessee, just south of Nashville, a wonderful place in the little
Elizabethan village of Covington Glen!

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire - located at the scenic Mount Hope winery near Mannheim, PA, this beautiful
Elizabethan village is home to some fine artisans and grand stages, as well as the Swashbuckler Brewery!

Ohio Renaissance Festival - Willy-Nilly-on-the-Wash is the setting for this Elizabethan era festival nestled in
southern Ohio!  

Great Lakes Medieval Faire - The shire of Avaloch is deep in the woods of Rock Creek, Oh, and home to the
memories of Merlin, Robin Hood, and King Richard! The memories come alive here every summer, so come out
and join the celebration.

Michigan Renaissance Festival - Hollygrove rests peacefully in Holly, MI - that it, until the gates of the festival open
and the multitudes begin their celebration!

Sarasota Renaissance Fair - A pleasant little fair in Florida just miles from the Gulf of Mexico!

Musical Endeavors

Renaissance Festival Music - a site for all the music that you hear at your favorite Renaissance festivals each year!

Mudcat Cafe - a source for folk music and popular music alike, and tons of infomative and sometimes amusing
forums and posts by music lovers and musicians around the world!

Sea Shanties - find some of your favorite shanties here, as well as learn a thing or two about them


Circa Paleo - extraordinary instrumental music of violin and percussion infused melody!

Owain Phyfe - playing all the best hits of the Medieval and Renaissance in English, French, German, Spanish,
Hungarian, Ukrainian, Welsh, Sephardic, Provancal, and more!

Empty Hats - fantastically multi talented musicians with gusto and verve

Axel the Sot - the pre-eminant sailor and purveyor of bawdy and rousing musics!

Hack and Slash - two manly men with sharp wits and swords almost as sharp!

Silent Lion - John and Barbiel Saunders' musical duo of fast picking and rich vocals!

Brian Howard - Funny is just the beginning with Brian's fast wit and brilliant humor!

Other Stuff

Chipotle - the best burritos EVER!!  The Burrito Prophet says so . . .